Crago Farms photoWelcome to Crago Farms

Hi there! I'm Rick. My family and I opened Crago Feed & Supply in the spring of 1987 with a tackle box for a cash register and a sign that simply read "open". In the 24 years that followed, the business evolved into Crago Feed & Nursery, a lawn and garden business that sold flowers, trees, shrubs and mulch. Then in 1999 word spread that I had a knack for BBQ, and Rick’s Grill was born.

Today Crago Farms, Ltd. is comprised of our event center and Rick’s Grill, Ltd. – our event,concession,and catering business known for the finest food to ever touch your lips. If you can think it up, I can cook it!

Thanks for stopping by our site, take a look at what we’re all about! Visit our Crago Farms Facebook page for updated photos and news!

Rick Crago